Carly Jade – Edmonton, Canada

This skeleton hoe is Carly Jade. She had an affair with my husband and begged him to leave me a few weeks ago. She told him I was fat, ugly and he deserved her skinny a*5 and she would help him raise my children. He gave her money for a trip she needed as this broke as so-called model threatened him she would tell me everything if he wasn’t generous with her. We are going on a family vacation to Moscow where we are from, she asked him to take her as well and book her into a hotel close by. She’s a home wrecker hoe that gots no brains, cant get a job, is dumb no degree in anything no school , has no t**s, no a*5 only a flabby sticky v****a. My husband took pills for drds she gave him. She’s a no one but a money hungry hoe! Olga W.

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  1. She say she no more want to lick Olga smelly t**t and that why she mad. She say you not clean. Smell like leftover casserole with bad fish smell. She say she already booked at hotel but at last minute he have to bring you smelly a*s and keep an eye on him. You already know he going to be sleep in my room you nasty girl. You ticket back is gonna get cancel. He leaving you sticnky self in Russia to be with Boris and Vladimir.
    Petra Y

  2. A crowd-funding effort is underway. Three boyfriends of Carly J are trying to get funding for her breast implants. As a token of thanks, they’re going to let the crowd pick her new cup size, within reasonable limits, of course. No triple g’s for example, her little frame could’t support those kinds of fun bags. They’re hoping for double d’s though, she’s going to be on her back when she’s with them, anyway.

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