Callan Rolfe Hughes — Toronto, Canada

This girl is the biggest catfish in Toronto right now. She edits her nose so much it’s embarrassing. All of her friends think she’s so pretty because she’s skinny as f*k. Besides the fact that she doesn’t look like her photos, she is honestly a terrible person, only talks to people that have money, it’s sad. All she wants to be is a WAG, and let’s be real – with that nose she isn’t going anywhere.

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  1. With the right guy and the right amount of money and the right plastic surgeon, Callan Hughes would make a reasonably acceptable side piece. With the wrong guy and the wrong amount of money and the wrong corner, Toronto, Canada would have a very acceptable main dish. Here come the dope boys, 1 – 2 – 3…she won’t keep the leathers on for long…tats will be in the mix…who knows, it could go one of several ways…

  2. For a glass of wine she will gladly discuss the monetary requirements for her putting her mouth on your k**b. If you agree she will put you on the schedule, make a f**k date. She acts so proper, like a lady, but make it rain, and Callan will show you how a tramp gets down and dirty. She will f**k your socks off.

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