Brittany Anne Robinson – Kelowna, Canada

This stupid b***h is a scam artist she think she’s something all she is is a Facebook warrior starting s**t with people and ripping them off she is a junkie will rip you off at any point and think she’s Pablo Escobar. She will try to still your boyfriend and when they’re sleeping she ripped them off and sneaks out and meet her dealer for crack she’s a low-cost housing welfare b*m who thinks shes something. She tried to rip my body off at his business and now is spreading a bunch of rumours because he caught her trying to rip him off what a fuking loser watch out for the scammer

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  1. Brittany Anne Robinson sells good s**t. Lots of her customers are happy and return for more and more, except the ones who od. She loses a few customers but her pimp/supplier is always recruiting and keeps plenty of s**t in stock. They have a direct connection from s america and they only cut it two or three times so you know your getting the very best. hop on

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