Brenda Wolverine — Saskatoon, Canada

This woman is only 22 . She has 2 kids who she leaves with anybody so she could go out drinking with different guys she meets off pof. She uses guys to buy her booze n then ahe takes them home and has s*x with them in thw same bed as her 2 year old daughter. She has DRDS and has been spreading it around from the guys she sleeps with .

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  1. The name Wolverine sort of fits Brenda, although she’s more of a badger. Her little girl sleeps soundly if doing momy in the daughters bed while she’s sleeping is something that would bother you. No problems there although she woke up once to use the restroom, finished and sleepwalked back to bed and dozed right off, not even noticing I was there. I was holding my breath and freaking out a little at first. Everything was okay besides sharing the bed but then Brenda started being demanding and I backed off. She badgered me for months before apparently finding another cuddle buddy.

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