Brandy Wasacase — Regina, Canada

This c**t named Brandy Wasacase is a pure drunken DRD diseased Pepsi w***e, she will even do anything for coke. I Partied with her a few times and she let five guys run a train on her and then again a week later, Only for cans of Pepsi you can’t get any nastier than that. She came to another one of our partiers and wanted some Pepsi so we told her what she had to do, So she went into the living room and said I am ready so us guys go in there and she is laying on the bed b**t a*s naked wow, She gave all of us men drd’s but it’s our fault too for sleeping with her sick a*s!! So a week later I and my friends started getting sores on our dicks and went to the doctor and found out we have DRDS from her she never told us she had anything b***h. We should have known better she has sores all over her chest and arms and her legs but she lied and said it was a rash nasty. The truly sad part is we heard she had an awesome life until she became a Pepsi and crack w***e. Please stay far away from this nasty a*s b***h!!!!!

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