Ben Shamoon – Kitchener, Canada

Ben is a dreamer, he dreams that his tats will make him look like a p**n star and, in fact, he already tells b*****s he is a p**n star since he got sucked off by Kanye Chest in a freakfest casting for Ladyboy Lovers. He doesn’t tell b*****s Kanye Chest is really a gay guy who does p***o and promotion mostly with the help of a sound-a-like name and huge t**s. He’s dreaming a real b***h will want to f**k him, maybe a dumb one, he has drd’s that stick to the ribs for a long time, and who’s hungry for that kind of disease – no one! Better start getting those dumb girls drunk, Ben, or you’ll have to whack that nasty pee-pee, spit some bullshit on it and polish it off, yourself. Did Chest call you a stud when you prematurely squirted for him? Shoulda stayed in school, dude, your tats are already starting to fade and the p***k of the needle can be infectious, I heard your tattoo guy has two claims for hepatitis and didn’t always clean his gun before he pricked you, that’s the problem with bootleg s**t, dawg.

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