Ashley Stewart – Winnipeg, Canada

Ashley is looking for a man but keeps meeting little boys. They aren’t ready for a mature relationship and are still looking for their mommies. She wants a man with a job, his own place (not mommy’s house) and his own car. She can’t believe this dude actually came to pick her up in his mom’s old station wagon. ! lol He sped off when she said she wasn’t feeling well. She laughed til she cried.

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  1. He did stay with his mommy and when he saw Ashley’s b*****s he started missing the good old days, when his only care was nursing and he didn’t have to pay rent and utilities and insurance and buy his own food and and and
    His friends call him Tiny even though he’s about 6 foot 4 inches tall and has a beaard. He still sleeps in a twin bed hanging over the edge in his old room. He did move out for about 6-months but never looked for work just played games all day/

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