Anwen Walter – Vancouver, Canada

Anwen is a very bad s**t talker and c**t and a super s**t, The evil b***h will f**k the nastiest of men and she loves every bit of that kind of life. She is the kind of woman that thinks her precious body is Gods gift or something, She loves spreading her juice’s around like cheese on crackers. After she has had all her fun with you, You will start getting weird slimy bumps and rashes everywhere, Her a*s and p***y and on her legs Nasty s**t. You will wind up losing your life and money over this c**t.

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  1. When push comes to shove, you can bet Anwen will push you the f**k out of the way for your man, even if you are engaged to be married. She doesn’t care about other women as long as she is getting what she wants (d**k) and will not blink an eye when it comes to cheating you out of your happiness and your man. He has drd’s and she can have him all to herself, but I think she’s left him for another married man.

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