Angela Yan — Toronto, Canada

This is Toronto’s biggest thot Angela. She has a 12 years old body yet she’s the biggest sloot I’ve ever seen. You can see this little thot and her friends EVERY weekend somewhere in Toronto trying to suck some man with a rolly. She’s super desperate & ive seen this hoe drunk & sloppy & she looks like a hot a*5 mess. You can find her probably in some washroom or someone’s room sucking the guy of the week off for a free trip. Why do these lame a*5 guys fly this guy out? She’s no where near a 10 but I guess being easy helps a LOT. So when you see a guy with this little thot. You can guess she’s probably sucking him off for something. It’s hoendtly so embarrassing & these guys need to upgrade. Or maybe there watches are fake if they need to fly this thing out!!!!! Watch out though cause she’s a walking DRD.

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  1. Angela is in the luckiest or smartest gambler in Toronto, depending on who you ask. She majored in math at University and has quickly amassed a small fortune at the tables, both locally and venues such as Atlantic City, Vegas and even in the Phillipines. She got back just before the first snowfall of the year and has been seen out and about lately with her girls, two of which have accompanied her to the card tables on more than one occasion. She’s currently attracting attention for all her enemies and what little they have to say. A lot of people believe the lies which spread all over Toronto. She’s been in contact with the office of Zemel and partners. However she’s wondering if they will ever return her calls! She’s getting frustrated and planning to go gambling again, soon.

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