Angela Grey — Edmonton, Canada

Angela Grey AKA mama G is a 40-year-old woman acting like she’s 16 years old and dresses like a 16-year-old girl. She is a very old woman that wants to be young again wants to have s*x with guys in their teens. She is also causing big trouble when the police were called, it was the biggest mess, and took hours to sort out. There were kids running around half dressed and drugs laying out in the open and fingers pointing in all directions. Someone was even caught running out the back door and almost got shot. It was her daughters’ boyfriend who had jumped out her window while trying to put his pants on. Angela didn’t know he was still in her room, she thought he had left and her daughter was surprised too. What the f**k, eh? They blame all the problems and dope on the dumb-a*s country girl, she’s a tramp and they told the police everything. F**k her, let her keep her country-a*s away from their place. She doesn’t care if they think of her as the old rat, she’s telling them she didn’t do it, even though she suspects it was her daughter, she’s protecting her f****d up family.

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