Andrei Korottchenko – Toronto, Canada

Andrei Korottchenko is a lawyer from Toronto Canada but has a dark side. Being in the legal profession myself, I thought I’d visit the court house to see what all this issue is surrounding this lawyer. According to public court records: law suits against him show that he looks for vulnerable women on dating applications and forces them into intimacy too soon. He did this with one girl who according to the record, stated that she felt bad the following day and told him this in texts. Then he made a defamatory website to defame her on where he released all of her confidential court records to the site to harm her reputation. After that, he started contacting her work to interfere with her ability to book television and radio appearances for her singing career. He then sent threatening text messages stating that he would be contacting some of her enemies (other not so great men) to conspire against her and find ways to ruin her life. When she contacted him to try to reason with him, he used his lawyer status to have her charged for harassment. He then risked his job to conspire to commit perjury when he had her falsely charged for breaching a bail condition, which stated she was not to communicate with him except through legal counsel. Her record label retained a lawyer to send a notice to him, but Andrei told the police that the lawyer said he was not retained. In the court record, there is a retainer agreement, and a letter and texts from the retained lawyer stating that Andrei would have known he was retained and that Andrei seemed very “nosy and revengeful” and was “fishing for more confidential information to use against the girl.” The girl was released from bail with a lesser restriction that she can communicate with Andrei directly now. The lawyer also stated that Andrei is “most likely responsible for the defamatory website made against her” stating that: “Only a lawyer or someone with a legal profession could have had access to all of the information displayed on the website.” Andrei’s go to motto is that “lawyers don’t have special privileges” well… looks like he thinks he does… He’s facing multiple law suits, law society complaints and criminal investigations for conspiring to commit perjury. Not someone you want to meet on a dating site… When will he be disbarred?

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