Alaya McIvor — Winnipeg, Canada

Ok, guys, where do I start with this woman. She is a liar and she is a fake and unloyal she is the evilest person I have ever met. I was engaged to this woman we were about to get married until she cheated on me with our pastor at our local church. He told me and not her and that’s what made it even worse another man had to tell me he slept with my future wife. He heard her moans he saw her body he felt her insides that s**t really f****d with my head no cap it really did f**k with me so, I left her and I took our house and our cars and I hired a lawyer and took everything. This b***h to not f**k with me. I don’t care if she is sleeping on the street she is a lying a*s b***h its sad as the f**k but I’m cool and doing better on my own.

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