Adam Wylychenko Caledon Capital has woman falsely charged with harassment

Adam is a Toronto investment banker who was officially outed in 2016 for having s*x with almost a dozen women, found through online dating apps, followed by ghosting or blocking them. Apparently he was filling a void with s*x (to his own account.) In 2016, according to her website; he met this girl Jade Naraine who came from a bad home. After using her for s*x a few times, he blocked her. She sent 13 non threatening texts just asking for an explanation and posted how he treated her on an internet website called cheaters and liars. He was upset about the post, which is within her legal right, so he had her charged with harassment, claiming his work suffered and he feared for his life due to the 13 texts. The guy was promoted twice! Assistant vice president and vice president. She originally plead guilty to the charge but it would apparently be overturned due to ineffectiveness of counsel because he gave her consent to text as much as she wanted, in writing. According to transcript evidence on her website, the judge was struggling to accept the guilty plea, citing that anyone can send 13 texts and it wouldn’t be criminal harassment.

So he used her for s*x, blocked her then called police on her. I can’t imagine what she’s going through. She opened a law suit against him. I’m a psychologist and have kept up to date with this case. So many women are going through things like this. All of my friends support her and hope she finds justice for a ruined reputation. Her credibility was apparently stripped and police wouldn’t help her with anything that happened to her after that even though his whole story was a lie.

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  1. Adam doesn’t like all this bad publicity but is grateful for the news of his many threesomes didn’t get mentioned. His partner would be devastated and want to get tested for drd’s. That might not be such a bad idea and he makes note to go get tested. He hopes there’s nothing to report.

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