Winter Harvey — San Diego, California

A nasty lady. When her hubby’s out of town she is busy trying to f**k with other women’s husbands. Well, b***h, you can have mine as far as I’m concerned. Winter has a haggard looking face as you can see from the picture. Fake lopsided t**s, a HEINOUS LISP!!! What’s wrong Winter..? Mommy Wendy Mansell couldn’t afford a speech therapist? That s**t is so unattractive!!! She is Bailey Bancroft’s stepmom, except she cannot stand little Bailey! Winter does a good job fakin the funk though around her dear stepdaughter!!! I recall winter saying once at least she doesn’t live with us!! Anyhow F**K YOU WINTER!! Hopefully one day your poor hubby sees what a conniving little b***h he\’s married to!! wake up nick! Lol

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  1. She invited me over for a drink and met me at the door and said no, tomorrow, her husband was still there, he was leaving the next day. I didn’t even know she was married, she never said so and wasn’t wearing a ring. Dirty w***e said she wanted to rock my world.

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