Victoria Laurent Tovar — San Francisco, California

Victoria wants someone to take the bull by the horns and school her dumb a*s about getting out of this stupid rut she’s in, her life is a mess. She couch surfs the world, sometimes for sexual favors, and isn’t happy even though she’s getting to see the world, and a few ceilings as well. One guy wanted to marry her and called her a dirty w***e after she decided to move on, now he’s cyberstalking her with lies, doesn’t take rejection well and calls her a cheater even though he’s smart enough to know she’s a young, free spirit who is easily talked into a little s*x. I think she should just keep doing what she’s doing, traveling where she wants and f*****g who she wants, don’t worry about haters who call you a sleep-around w***e. It’s a result of rejection and envy.

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