Victoria Kaiser — California

When Victoria sits on a barstool too long, she gets wasted and her a*s goes numb. She starts looking for another drunk, a face to sit on, someone as drunk as her, with facial hair or smooth shaven. She tries to get an idea of their tongue size but starts seeing double if their lips are moving. She likes cheaters, married men with long necks, men who can support her weight and still wiggle their tongue. She sometimes falls off barstools and a face would be nice to land on, a happy landing, the thought makes her giggle and she drinks up, scans the room and sees a guy with two tongues, she heads his way, slowly, holding on to two barstools with two hands. No condoms, she hates them.

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  1. I’ve met lots of b*****s like her in bars. They cause all kinds of drama and and leave debris in their path just by stumbling to the restroom. They always blame everything on the alcohol.

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