Vanessa Lechuga — Cerritos, California

They say that a large majority of cheating happens in the workplace, and that was exactly what happened with this little s***k right here. Watch out for this type of two bit w***e—not even a dime a dozen, just a penny a dozen. This home wrecker, in her childhood 20s, sought after a 40 year old man married 16 years with 3 kids. They were f*****g over two years before the wife found nude pictures of her on his phone. The b***h was engaged herself! So why would you wreck two relationships to be with a married man? Desperate for attention and a sloppy drunk buddy!!! Now that all the lies and secret rendezvous are over, let’s see how long your pathetic a*s can keep his attention. Though the two cheaters can have one another and deserve to be with cheaters, it doesn’t change that she wrecked a home. Smile away b***h—he’s your problem now. One day you will be on the receiving end, trust that.

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