Susan Tunget — Ridgecrest, California

Susan Tunget slept with my baby’s daddy in March 2019. I know Susan Tunget when she was employed by Sierra Sands Unified School District when I was enrolled at Gateway Elementary where she worked the yard at lunch time. We called her Miss Susan. I had seen her over the years with who I thought was her husband around town. My boyfriend and I even spoke with her and her husband at Walmart a few times. She knows me and my boy friend and she slept with him anyway. Susan Tunget is a old s***k s**t, b***h, and a nasty home wrecker who not only destroyed my life but the lives of my children. My boy friend is almost half her age. She is 57 according from what I found on Google. She was on the dance floor at Triple T’s on Ridgecrest Blvd bumping and grinding with different guys again half her age. She was wearing a tight leather outfit with knee high boots. Susan Tunget was drunk as h**l making a fool out of herself. She looked like a hooker. When we saw her at Walmart she was heavy but now she looks like she is on drugs or is sick as she has lost lots of weight and looks very old and like s**t with dyed hair and lots of make up and fake lashes. I know she also hangs out with a group of bikers at Furys on Inyokern Rd. Susan Tunget is a very nasty person who when I see her at the bars is always drinking and hanging all over guys. Susan Tunget is a nasty s**t, w***e, and ugly person. The way she acts in the bars she looks like she is always looking to pick up some young guy. Why did she sleep with my baby’s daddy when she knew he was with me. If she is still employed with the school district they should fire her. Someone who does what she does should not be responsible for taking care of children. I googled her name and found that she has any different Facebook accounts, On the Superior Court of Kern County web site I found that he was arrested on May 24 2016 for Felony Perjury and two counts of Fraud to obtain aid. She was convicted on July 21 2016, Put on thee years probation that she is still on until July 21 2019. I saw her drive her Ford either 2016 or 2017 to where she lives 429 North Norma Street, Three house south of las Floras Street on the west side. I also learned she lives at her son’s house. Susan Tunget is one of Ridgecrest’s biggest Skanks, s**t, b***h, and nasty home wrecker. She showed me that she only cares about herself and not how her actions affect others. I checked around and many of the people she hangs around with are distancing themselves from her as she is so nasty, I know she has grand children those poor kids are going to grow up knowing that their grandmother is a nasty s***k, s**t, b***h, and home wrecker as it is as if she could care less. I am going to put this post all over town so the entire town knows what she did to my family and who knows how many others, Susan Tunget is not only a very bad person besides being a s***k, s**t, b***h, and nasty home wrecker. My baby’s daddy and his friends made fun of her all-night and made a bet on who would f**k her first. I hope to run into her again and have words with her about what she did to my family. Girls BEWARE of her and keep your men away from her or she will sleep with them also. My baby’s daddy’s friends have another bet on who will f**k her next. Susan Tunget is a total s***k, s**t, b***h, and nasty home wrecker as well a looking very fake. Just what guys look for to pick up and f**k then throw away. Miss Susan I hope you catch something and get very sick. Susan Tunget is a horrible person, a s***k, s**t, b***h, and home wrecker. You will get yours in the end. Susan Tunget I hope the School District fi, and res you for your actions. I do know that they will hear about them. Susan Tunget you suck, I was told so, you’re a s***k, s**t, b***h, w***e, and nasty home wrecker. I found your pictures all over the net. Ridgecrest will soon learn all about you. Susan I am Tiffany Butler and I also live in Ridgecrest. Think hard and you will remember me S***k!!!

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  1. It sounds like Susan is studying Walmart, the low-price leader, for tips in case she turns professional Ho. Or she was buying a gun to keep all those cheating, married guys from further attacking her. Or she’s a superwoman who makes all b*****s look bad when their man wants to be with her instead of who they’re with, maybe she should give other b*****s lessons in f******o.

    1. She works at the Ridgecrest Rite Aid now. Rumor around town is that she slept with a supervisor to get the job. She looks like a met head as well as being old as s**t. This must be a very old picture because she looks nothing like it in real life. She goes by Susan Boyts now also.

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