Stephanie Buttaro — Auburn, California

This b***h is the nastiest beat out gyro v****a having slam pig around. Constantly leaving her children for the next pedohile d**k that will take her beastly looking a*s. She enjoys obsessing over other girls boyfriends. And teaching her poor innocent children that other men in her life besides their real father are their father. She is the lowest form of scum who will literally f*** and suck for a ride to the gas station. Just be careful, she’s a teeth dragger, that mustache is pretty d**n serious too.. this mrs. puff look alike will go after any girls man and take whatever she can get or any guy that will even say hello to her fat wilda beast a*s because nobody else wants her tuna s****h. Watch out for the buttaro. She enjoys long phone s*x phone calls and mustache strokes… and d****s in her loose a*****e.

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