Sharon Clements — San Diego, California

Sharon Clements was on a deployment with my husband (then-fiancé). They were in different departments but she outranked him. He had shared that he was worried I wouldn’t wait for him. She capitalized on that and started filling his mind with the thought that I would leave him or cheat on him. Then, at a work Christmas party, she came on to him and they ended up hooking up. She even told him she was worried that she wasn’t as pretty as me. When I confronted her, she lied. In my opinion, unbecoming of an officer, untruthful, and lacks judgment. Rather than face the consequences of her action and apologize to me and our kids, she lied and ran for cover. At almost 40, it’s shamefully juvenile. If she had owned up to her wrong, I wouldn’t be posting this but she made an effort to hide the truth.

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