Shar Reardon – Eastvale, California

I work with Shar at Costco in Eastvale. She has cheated on her husband who left her for a being a homewrecker. She met and hooked up with this black man and now she is in love with him. She’s keeping her chin up and even invited him to a baseball game. She said she got pregnant with his baby. We’re friendly enough but I didn’t want to mislead her and told her I was married and she said she was have feelings for me. I’ve been seeing, which is true. It actually worked out good. I heard she met someone from the same league at the game. She likes him also. I hope it works for her but don’t know if I should tell her the guy she likes is still married. Another employee told the manager and I overheard the conversation. I just don’t know if I should get involved. Maybe she’ll read this and know.

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