Shahin Safai — ‎Los Angeles, California

Be aware of this scum bag. He is a drug addict, narcissistic a55hole that is fame hungry like his whole family. Just be cautious girl, yes he is hot, his accent is charming but he is absolute garbage as a human being

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  1. Shahin Safai and his brother like to sandwich a girl between them and pretend their Saudi Royalty. Los Angeles, California is where they live but tell dumb girls they have a place in London, New York City and Detroit. They like to snort a little coke and then get really angry when they can’t get it up. That’s when the slapping starts and they really make it hurt if you scream. I think that’s what gets them off. They start jerking like crazy and dare you to laugh. They go for your face but you usually have to wash your hair before you get the h**l out of the room, just to look presentable and not sticky. Beware! There sister helps them and acts like she’s your friend when she introduces you to them.

  2. Shahin Safai is finally getting the attention he should. He’s f****d over men and women for most of his adult life. In Los Angeles, California, they’re known as the wanna-be royals, boys who have enough money so that they don’t have to work, yet not enough to do much more than pose and act like they’re important to people who don’t know much about how they came into a little money. They’re dirty, dirty, dirty and, once the investigation is complete, will most certainly be facing serious charges. It’s a good thing. They need to spend all their change on an attorney and stay out of the clubs which they taint with corruption and black market products. An indictment is just around the corner for these two pieces of s**t.

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