Samantha Zuluaga — Sacramento, California

If you cherish your d**k then you better keep it the h**l away from this b***h Samantha Zuluaga, She will use your d**k and abuse it and give your d**k something that even G*d can’t cure. The sad thing is she has had a wonderful man and husband for years, But she has cheated on this great man so many times, That is her children are not his at all, But you can’t tell him that this really loves and adores them, babies. He is a wonderful husband and father very wonderful and he abused and cheated on all the time. You can’t or just don’t want to you should keep your legs closed c**t. The drugs and s*x and sucking d**k are the only babies she wants and take care of this is some really sad s**t that poor family.

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