Samantha Cantone — Sacramento, California

Meet Samantha Cantone the official New York crazy b***h and new member for the Sactown dirty elite. Like most tweekers she has 3 kids but has to have her mom and aunt take care of them. But its okay because she obviously loves meth and d**k more then she loves them. She is always trying to move in with every guy she meets just to get away from them. But dont worry guys she is always down to sleep with a new guy and his friends. But be careful cause u might wake up at 3am and find her naked in ur closet talkin to herself and sayin she cant find her rabbit. Thats taking crazy to some new levels. Since she clearly doesn’t have a job she trys to sell naked pics on facebook. If she was smart she would stop sucking d**k for free and actually make it beneficial. But smart is not a word she is familiar with. I suggest if any guy wants to give her a try its not hard to find her on facebook. But do urself a favor and strap up because she has been know to pass around the drd. Good luck

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