Ryan Musgrave — Fresno, California

This thing (won’t even call him a man) is a psycho because he beats women, lies about everything to get what he wants and shoots up meth all day long. I was married to the thing for over 2 years and the whole time this idiot could not keep a job for more than 4 months. I recently found out he was cheating on me with a street w***e named Nicole and now I found out he gave me an STD! The entire time he told me he loved me but was going back and forth between me and that w***e. BTW, he finally confessed and told me that he is just using her and that he pimps her out for money. Can you believe that? When I finally decide to file for divorce, he tells me not to because he wants to save the marriage and can’t think of me being with someone else. But he can! I am financially buried because of this jerk and he just moves on to another sucker. DO NOT DATE THIS JERK.

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