Ryan Henderson – CA Cheater

Ladies.. If you encounter this guy. RUN! Very charming and sweet! Looks picture perfect. He will sell you exactly what you want to hear about marrying you and having children with you. Yet, he’s sleeping with every woman in SF and other parts of the bay area. He can’t keep it in his pants and some of the women he had been doing this to all know about each other now. That is why we are posting this!! If you have met this guy and have had a similar experience. Please do tell! No one wants to run the risk of a sexually transmitted disease or worse. It seems now he has a “girlfriend” in Brazil. That poor girl has no clue what this man is really about. Bottom line! Beware! He will wine you and dine you. In some cases, he’s gone to the extent of buying some women nice things, but in the mean time was sleeping with others. All who didn’t know about each other. He’s good in hiding his secrets only for so long.

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