Ray Otis — Los Angeles, California

So, first off this guy is super wealthy. Lives at an exclusive country club, gated, whole bit. Seems nice at first but turns on you pretty quick. Will tell you “he’s serious with you and looking for someone to spend his life with” and introduce you to all of his friends, but watch out! Total scammer and liar! Is always doing this with at least 2 girls at a time!! He’s not even good looking and seems majorly old. Has lots of drawing and paintings around the house from little kids and pictures of kids that are like 7 or 8 and says they’re his but he’s like 70. Ha ha ha! As if!! Must be his grand kids.

And with all of that money, unbelievable but must be the CHEAPEST guy in LA!! So cheap it’s just gross. He acts like g*d just because he buys you dinner and a couple of drinks. Also a total braggart. Super pretentious and kind of condescending and snide, always has to tell you how much money he has, that he doesn’t work and how s****y your life is in comparison and how he’d kill himself if he was you. Ya, thanks, really sweet. Says he wants people to be humble and honest and well, ya of course he does because he is such a lying cheap creep. Stay far far away ladies!! He is just total BS and bad news! Mr. Ray Otis Cheapo Millionaire will suck you in and then spit you out! Typical LA d-bag. I made a mistake, and will never let my self esteem slip low enough again to go near the likes of him. Beware!!

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