Quynh Nguyen — Los Angeles, California

The Cheapest, Most Tacky, Ugly and Stupid Vietnamese W***E Who is Too Easy, Have Extremely Low Life and No Self Respect. Publicly Recognized as MAKING YOUR STOMACH THROWS.

Cheap Vietnamese w***e like Quynh Nguyen is easy to get and it bends down on both knees to do whatever for any types of basters on any conditions or terms. Most of all, it did it knowing it is whoring itself out…what a shameful VIETNAMESE TRASH, PERIOD!!! It does take a hungry and h***y w***e to be willing to do anything.

Quynh Nguyen serves men just like fast food chain McDonald’s serves hamburgers – quick, fast and in large quantity.

The W***E is so retarded that even it is used as a tool, it still thinks it is special. Sounds like the W***E deserved to be used, giving it sells itself too cheap (while being foundamentally cheap anyway).

The look and outside are unusually weird, fake and tacky. It comes from the INSIDE as well. This low level, stupid s**t belongs to the curb.

Its profession is quite questionable with that low life look. Quynh Nguyen delivers itself on any condition. Being such a trashy type, what more can it ask? It is literally so ugly that it will cling to whatever It can get: WHORING out on short term basis or anything condescending (something as low as where Quynh Nguyen is).

A quite ugly duck, pig like face, cheap in and out, tacky overall that acknowledged by almost everyone as immediately making your stomach throw!!

It is world well-known how money hungry a Vietnamese is and how cheap they can be bought with money.

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