Paige Ely – Los Angeles, California

Paige Ely steals $10,000 in merchandise from Walmart. She takes the merchandise back into Walmarts to get her money back, she tells them she lost her receipt and they give her money back for the merchandise. She goes looking for a man that has a wife at home. Paige Ely has been arrested for forgery breaking entry and cashing bad checks. She has also been arrested four times for prostitution. She was also famous because she robbed a bank years ago she made out with $5,300 in cash. I’ll tell you one thing for a hot a*s little girl she’s been there and done it. This girl knows how to get money and she knows how to make money. And she knows how to get what she wants. This floozy was even selling her p***y to a bunch of old men and a bunch of perverts and creeps. She works for an escort service she has her sugar daddy set up people to Rob them when you get into the room

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