Paco Olmos — Hollywood, California

Paco used to think it was cute when a model/hooker would say, “eat my taco, Paco.” Now, the line is so old that he knows right away they can’t have a fake part in his fake film. He’s a dream filmmaker, a wanna-be. There are thousands of guys who use similar lines and it still works on girls who model/hook their way through Hollywood. They call it P4P but, it’s the same sell. He can hardly get it up anymore, but the show must go on. A little V****a and a little Pepsi for a little acting on his part to get them to act for him in private. He’s “casting” underage girls and needs her to be very naive, he can’t manipulate the whores, it seems. He’s angrier than ever and some of the tricks are filing police reports for abuse. Nothing ever works out, he’s been “casting” for his love interest for over three years and still hasn’t found a girl who’s not working some angle to suck his d**k, probably because his lies only get lies in return. Fake flake production. Go, Paco, you f*****g pervert, go to Taco Bell, there are some young, dumb girls there.

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