Natalie Martinez — Santa Ana, California

Natalie Martinez has cancer-causing HPV genital warts and gonorrhea and chlamydia! Natalie spread to several guys and she has ruined my life because She’s a lying cheating scum

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  1. If we could only go back in time. F*****g her t**s would have probably been safer but, you never know, she could have used her spit as lube and that would be potentially germ-infected. What a shame, she doesn’t look like the nasty type. I guess it only takes a little whoring to get the infection started. Sorry about your pain and thanks for warning others.

  2. Natalie has got to fight off the dicks lining up to catch her diseases. When it’s your turn, she will give you something that will change your life. It’s kind of like being bitten by a vampire, you’re infected for a lifetime. Except you die from her drd’s. Wait your turn, this cheating w***e stays busy.

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