Mirko Buchwald — San Francisco, California

After dating for 6 months, things were seemingly going well. I was spending the night 3~4 times a week, and on nights that I didn’t see him, I would get a phone call after work {usually around 9:00 pm}. One lovely night, I didn’t get a call after work. Come 10:30 pm I get a call. I hear a girl giggling in the background. Soon after, moans and groans. His phone had accidentally called me while he was having s*x with another girl. After tossing and turning trying to get back to sleep, I decided to drive over to his house to rip him apart {or maybe a new hole somewhere}. Come time to confront him, I couldn’t find the anger in me to do any of it and instead just asked if he had anything to say to me. He answered ‘Not at the moment ~ No’. So I peacefully went home to sulk. The next afternoon, I received a halfassed text apology that said we had never discussed being exclusive. He agreed he misled me, and because he caught me on a technicality, I agreed that we could still be friends. Two weeks later I was involved in a 4~car accident on the freeway. I sent him a text to let him know and hours later I got one back that simply said ‘Hope you’re ok’. A couple of hours later, I get a call from him. Thinking he was calling to ask if I was ok, I was on the phone with another friend so I let it roll into voice~mail. When I went to retrieve the message, it was another 2~minute call {in great clarity} of him, once again, s******g another girl. Someone needed to take his phone out of his pocket when he is having s*x… No one should ever have to hear that, let alone hearing someone you were seeing for 6 months having s*x with someone else. Don’t let his accent or his teacup pomeranians trick you. This guy is old, sleazy and a total douche. Fun for a few runs, but nothing more.

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