Mike Salvato — Riverside, California

This guy claims to be a Christian and a family guy, but don’t let him fool you. He is a complete deadbeat!!!! He has no job and milks his parents for everything!!! He barley takes care of his children his son is always with his parents and his daughter lives with the mom!!! Yes he’s a total looser!!! He talks s**t in both baby mamas but yet he’s the one that isn’t doing anything to provide for them. Yes he has to baby mamas beware cuz he will use you for everything always promises to pay you back but will never do it!!! He just wants to stay home and be lazy all day and his poor parents take care of him. He’s so disrespectful to them and all women let’s not mention how racist he is!!! Watch out if you decide to ever date him he will never be faithful to you because he is a cheater!!! He cheated on his girlfriend while she was pregnant what a d***e!!! He always taking selfies like he’s hot or something posting pictures from 3 years ago acting like he’s hot. He uses his kids in pictures to make it seem like he’s a good dad, but be fully warned he is far from a good dad!!! He has insecure problems so he will always be looking for the next catch while he is using you just BEWARE!!!

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