Mike Ryan — Los Angeles, California

He is nothing but a total player and habitual liar and typical Hollywood fake {and flake}! He will use his racing and stunman fame to impress you it’s all part of his game. He thinks he is a big shot, but the truth his he has nothing going for him financially or personally. No one in music wants to work with him because he is such an ***. It’s all a big act! He will say anything to get you in bed, and then tell you that you are his one and only while he continues to prey on other unsuspecting women telling them anything to get them naked and make up lies about his life in general. He will tell you he loves you and say anything to get you to stay with him. He loves using women for s*x. He’s a leech and will use you for whatever he can get. He lies about his age frequently too. Basically, he will lie to you about EVERYTHING! He’s a sexual pervert and has even fooled around with college freshman girls and guys sometimes too, but yet say you are the only one he is sleeping with. It does not matter to him who he has s*x with, it’s all about control and power. His self~esteem is so low and he has nothing going for him, that this is the only way he can boost his ego. This man is truly sick and needs professional help on many levels. On the surface, he will appear just fine. Charming and cute and making you feel like you are the most important woman in the world. You can’t say you haven’t been warned now. This is truly the biggest ***, liar, fake, and twisted perverted man I have ever known. He will cheat and lie on you non~stop, so if you enjoy this type of thing, he’s your man!”

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