Mike Hopper — Fresno, California

He is the biggest f*cking loser known to man kind he lives off the kindness of woman and lies to them about everything you can possible imagine even the simplest question asked him he lies. He is a pathological compulsive liar who is lazy, unmotivated to take responsibility for himself at the age of 39 years old for his actions, and words and lies and he has no integrity what so ever. He expects woman, and everyone else to provide for him with giving nothing to the person who is trying to help him in return not even being courtesy and saying thank you. Those two words are not in his vocabulary. He knew he was getting booted from his place of living and owing $3500.00 {still owes} in back rent he still slept until 3pm everyday instead of looking for a job or a place to live to keep from going homeless. Even when I freely bought him interview clothes and casual clothes he couldn’t even get his b**t up and really look for work he never took it seriously. When he was staying with me, he couldn’t wash a dish or put a clean dish away after it was dry or even empty an ashtray. He does smoke but lies to his family and so~called adopted sister {and lied about her being his real sister and who she really was}, J that he doesn’t smoke. He couldn’t even pick up his clothes from the bathroom floor or even pitch in a few dollars to help with, and bills or even rent. He lies about who he has dated to his family and his friends. He lies about his phone being turned off {which is being paid for by a woman who is married to someone else}. He lies about when and what he does everything, don’t believe a single word out of his mouth. He is once again taking advantage of the generosity of his so~called friends but I know his that aren’t stupid will catch on quickly to his game was using every friend who befriends him. Ladies in Fresno, or Merced, and even Long Beach, and the Bay Area, do not date this guy, he is a loser, you will know it’s him because he is 6 feet 7 inches tall you will know him when you see him. When you meet him ~ ladies run like h**l! He is a lying, sucking, stupid ***, who thinks he is entitled to everything that is yours. I found him going through my stuff one day, and still I don’t know what he was looking for. He thinks he is g*d’s gift to women and basically he is a scrub. He has no value morals and doesn’t know how to communicate other than being passive~aggressive towards woman. He owes in back child support so basically he is a ‘deadbeat daddy’ and he didn’t understand why his drivers license was suspended. He is stupid! He lies, cheats and uses everyone he comes in contact with him beware he will suck you dry”

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