Michael Tate — Sacramento, California

Meet my ex-boyfriend. He is the owner of Mike Tate Studio, Inc. I met him when I was at the job about three years ago and we’ve been dating for about 2 years and I just found out that he’s cheating on me the entire time. We’ve been dating and that’s why he’s never invited me over to his house or anything and that’s why he’s always lying to me about where he’s at he never answers his FaceTime he always lies to me and it hurts because I really love this boy but I just want to warn every female out there don’t fall for this guy he will really hurt you and make you feel not good enough.

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  1. Mike f***s around alot. He’s f****d midgets and swingers and artists and lots of whores. He thinks all women are whores and he hates haggling about the prices they charge these days. He misses the good old days when he could just snort a line of coke with one for a quick b*****b.

  2. Mike Tate Studio, Inc. is a gallery where lots of wanna-be models and actresses go to get f****d by Big Mike, as he likes to be called by girls who show up to his p***o castings for what he claims to be their shot at stardom. He c**s quick, shoots them in the eye and says he’ll be in touch, but thinks things went well and they are on their way to stardom. Some girls believe anything.

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