Martha Vidal — San Diego, California

girl loves to f*k drug dealers for the free drugs. Don’t care if they have baby mommas who are pregnant, or if there in relationships. She doesn’t care if they beat her, steal from her, hurt her kids, use her, or talk s**t to her face in front of her friends. As long as she gets the drugs. She f*k them in a car, on there girls bed, in a garage, on a toilet, on the couch in front of her kids. She’s ratchet as f*k. 4 kids from one guy and almost had two from another and still isn’t on birth control and doesn’t use a rubber. Says her body rejects it. Hahahahaha

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  1. Handy Martha moves like a bat out of h**l. She jumped onstage at an old Ozzy Osborne concert, snatched up a headless fake bat and ran like h**l when she got chased off by security. Ozzy didn’t even notice she got up there and screeched out the rest of his song
    She made the fake into a fake necklace, looks in the mirror and still wonders who she is, but identifies as Goth. Marilyn Manson is on her must-see list, and she’s hoping he’s a little livelier than Ozzy.

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