Mark William Geller — Newport Beach, California

It’s all about power. Power to take a case, power to take a case to court, power to dismiss for special consideration, power to get the p***y, power to get it in the a*s by a male stripper, Mark W. Geller loves his power. He takes V****a when his powerful little c**k won’t work, he’s smart most of the time but, when he overpowered her innocent intern little p***y, he f****d up. It’s not the first time he’s taken something against someone’s will, something that didn’t belong to him. When he was still in high school, he pinned my sister’s arms over her head and tried to have s*x with her. He came in his pants before he could shove it in her, remember Mark? Remember tough-guy a*****e? Your premature e*********n is what kept you from being a rapist. Now, you’re still at it with other boys and girls. How come you never go after someone who will fight back? You prey on the weak, like most cowards. How many interns have you coerced, dirtbag? F**k You! Take that in your mouth, you punk little b***h, bend over, he’s got a big one for your fat a*****e! It doesn’t vibrate but you’ll still like it, cause it’s huge.! Sounds just like your power trip ego, huge, to compensate for your little dic-dik.

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