Kariel Thompson – Los Angeles, California

Klay Thompson’s cousin is a S**t W***e Dirty B***h. This nasty b***h f**ks anything with a pulse. She f**ked my friends husband in their bed with their kids Malcolm and Amir in the other room. She has herpes and f**ks her clients husbands for gifts. She’s a speech therapist; good job for a d**k sucking c*m swallowing ho. Don’t let this nasty fat b***h near your family. @_ktisme_ @righteous_fitness

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  1. Sometimes after working all day helping clients sound out their words, Kariel Thompson needs something to wet her whistle. Sometimes lemonade will do and other times, well, she needs something thick and vigorous to coat her throat and soothe the dryness. This is where friends husbands can be extremely helpful. She drops to her knees and within minutes she’s feeling that ooze that runs down her throat and brings such relief. She’s good and she has people talking again in no time, saying wow, what a homewrecker. Los Angeles, California has another winner!

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