Kalah Richardson — Vista, California

What a nasty lemon this Syco Kalah Richardson is you need to stay the h**l away from her at all costs trust what I am saying. You date or have anything to do with this s**t it will truly cost you everything you have ever worked hard for in your life. This looser loves any and every kind of drug but her favorite is Crystal Meth, And I mean on a daily basis every day and every night. She was my absolute best friend until I came home and found her in my bed sleeping with my man, I trusted her like family and gave this b***h a place to stay when no one else would, And the thanks and gratitude I get back is her f*****g my man in our bed in our family home. When I became her friend and took her in all she did was come in and ruin my life and family, I had to leave my husband because he got HPV from this c**t.

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  1. Kalah has a talent for puckering up before she sucks a d**k. She sucks on a lime first and has earned the nickname “Lemon,” which seems to fit her sour personality, as well. Suck on, sweetie… they’ll be calling you Hoover before too long, ask me why?

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