Joseph W. Khoury — Loomis, California

October 2012: Joseph (joe) William Khoury Jr. (currently age 50, Lebanese, has lived in Europe but mostly in California, is from Massachusetts, currently working on being a photographer) He was a friend of mine for over two years. Joe seemed like a loving, caring, sympathetic, empathetic and accepting man. He’s educated, down to earth, witty, has many interests, is funny, intelligent, creative, and insightful. He claims to be a Buddhist, but he gets VERY angry for a Buddhist. Joe and I were great friends… until he broke my heart. He is loving and acts like a gentleman. He will try to sweep you o your feet. (I suggest you put your feet on the ground and start running!) He’s only looking for s*x. He will want to move in with a woman after only six months of dating, and has a pattern of doing this. He will act like your best friend. He will tell you how perfect you are, and speak of a relationship. He will NEVER get married. Once a woman falls hopelessly in love with him, that is when he will leave. He will turn cold as ice; imagine a Jekyll Hyde switch. Deep down he is incredibly insecure and fears commitment. He’s selfish and will state he “lives in the moment.” This is his excuse for walking out on any woman at any moment in time. Joe is not looking for a relationship. He wants something temporary until he can move onto someone else to continue the cycle.

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