Joseph Magliarditi – Newport Beach, California

I met this douche Joseph Magliarditi when he was coming to Arizona and he never told me he was married. My friend told me she knew he was. She knows or knew his wife from Las Vegas and they are NEWLY married. I confronted him about it and broke it off. He got fired anyway so good riddance. What a scumbag.

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  1. Joseph Magliarditi – Newport Beach, California
    He was married and now that he got fired his old lady wants nothing to do with him. He’s trying to trade her in but can’t seem to get on top of his life. It’s like he’s just being pulled along, hustling to find affordable housing, coming up with the deposit, furnishing the dump, eating sardines out of the can for lunch and dinner and looking for a hottie who can help him out. No worries, he’s making progress. His ex will miss him one of these days!

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