Jordyn Woods — Hollywood, California

Be aware of this woman Jordyn Woods she is a homewrecker she even messed with these woman’s husbands 1. Tristan Thompson 2. Khloe Kardashian. This crazy w***e even messed with her best friend Kylie Jenner’s husband, She can’t get any more evil than that. This is the kind of friend Jordyn is her friend Kylie bought her a brand new car it’s a Benz wow and she repays her be sleeping with her man wow some friend. You better watch out for her she thinks she is famous and infamous. Her friend Khloe even let her model in her jean campaign. And, Kylie’s daughter called her auntie and she turns around and sleeps with Kylie ’s baby daddy I wouldn’t want this w***e as a friend no way in h**l. This b***h is a pure bread w***e take your man and run for your life, Hang with Jordyn Woods at your own risk I warned you.

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