Jenny Nguyen — Los Angeles, California

This stank w***e Jenny “her ig is jen_nhi” slept with my boyfriend last year. I dumped him so didn’t care to confront her. I just ran into her recently at the club and she acted so stuck up like she was all that. I wasn’t going to say anything but since she wants to act so high and mighty, I’m going to let the world know who she really is. She’s cheated on her boyfriend with several guys. Some for dirt cheap about two hundred dollars or even just to sit in their nice car or nice dinner. She’s always posting fancy expensive jewelry but really is broke as a joke. Doesn’t have a dime in her name. Lives in a s**t apartment with roommates. It’s sad for her boyfriend cus he has no idea what a dirty slore she is. He’s out selling drugs and she’s out fuking behind his back. She would come to Hollywood looking for rich guys with nice cars to be her sugar daddy but with a face like that have no luck. Got b**t implants but her body still look like 9 year old boy with b**b implants. Stop pretending to be rich and start acting your wage. I hope her boyfriend isn’t dumb enough to marry her cus he has no idea how many d1cks has been in there since they’ve been together. She talks mad s**t on everyone, spilling everyone’s secrets but pretends to be everyone’s friend. Don’t trust this b***h!

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  1. they were married in vegas
    honeymooned in fiji
    ate at mcdonalds
    slept in car
    swam back to states
    eentered contest
    had breakfast
    had lunch
    skipped dinner
    did it all again
    and again

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