Jennifer Peterson – California

Jen is sure the kid was asleep and even if there was a little toddler peekaboo, chances are it will only be as traumatic as you make it out to be later in his life. It won’t necessarily drive the kid to date soldiers, exclusively. Don’t forget to broach the subject at whatever age you feel is appropriate for him to begin therapy, though, if you want his daddy to pay out the a*s for whatever grief you’re still feeling when you spring the news. You just don’t understand that soldiers need to de-stress before and after deployment. If they’re going to risk it to save the biscuit then, hey, why not hit it and quit it for six months, before returning to their families? At least they’ll be calm, cool and in a better mood to put up with you whiny-mouthed spouses who just don’t get it, literally! They didn’t talk mostly and slept even less. Put that in your mouth and suck on it, witch. Happy f*****g New Year!

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