James Dreher — North Hollywood, California

James doesn’t apologize for liking the whores, it’s just a little nasty business and everyone c**s out loud. He’s a screamer when he c**s and lots of whores and escorts are sensitive to noise due to mistreatment by pimps and clients. Some had mean parents who yelled at them, too. They have flashbacks when he screams out, “I’M C*****G”! Don’t think PTSD isn’t real, some whores won’t even let him c*m around them, anymore, it’s too traumatic, he induces panic attacks and creates too much attention when they’re having car s*x in a crowded parking lot. The tinted windows can’t baffle his wounded cries. He’s a little hard of hearing, himself.

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  1. I used to work with this dude and always thought he was a little strange but nice enough. He was always saying, HUH? I didn’t know he was hard of hearing, just thought he might be preoccupied or multi-tasking. I did notice he was always sitting in a car with different women at lunchtime, from a distance they could have been his kids and no one really said anything but, his car was always parked way out by itself under a tree. Dudes were always trying to see what the chicks looked like, this is a surprise to read this; I always had binoculars in my truck for hunting but never suspected he was getting trimmed under the tree, I never even thought to look, the girls looked young and I thought they were probably his daughters. Such a trip to find this posting.

  2. James was heard from last week when he was spotted in the parking lot getting head in the car. He finished with a bang and a loud series of moans which were heard all the way across the lot. Calm down, James, it’s just a nut.

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