James Clayton Deerman — Stamford, Connecticut

James Clayton Deerman is an Electrical Engineer with General Dynamics and is contracted out through the Navy. He is working in San Diego right now and is staying at the San Diego Marquis and Marina in the rt wing on the top floor near the elevator. He goes to Tipsy Crow. This is where he picked us all up. Bootleggers, Bub’s, Knotty Barrel,Whiskey Girl and anything on 4,5,6,th Ave. He took us all to dinner to places like Fred’s Mexican and Marble Room.
He has a gf in AL and she is very kind. She called and asked what was going on. We all told her our story of how we were in a relationship w/him. He said he did not believe in long distance relationships, but would do it for us. He told us all about how his parents and childhood were horrible and how his father is terminally ill and living at his house in AL because no one wanted his dad. His gf assures us his father is NOT ILL AT ALL and lives in another town! His gf said they have been together for 2 years and integrated their lives together in hopes of a future. It was hard to hear her story and listen to her cry. We told her about all the X*X sexting messages we received from him and the naked pictures he sent of himself. He begged for pictures from us, but most did not send them. He would obsessively text us about s*x and about how much he missed us and cared about us and it freaked alot of us out to the point we stopped contact in Dec. He has been in SD since Sept. and has cheated on us all from then til now in Feb ’13. He was always drinking when we saw him but would only contact us for one thing after he did his duty of taking us to dinner. Joke. He travels for work also to Jacksonville, FL. Pittsfield, MA, and lived in Bathe Maine. We are not the first girls he has done this too. He cheated on his gf before in Jacksonville and she forgave him. He also has H P V a type that leads to cervical cancer and he does not always use a condom. So we are all screwed. He also has a lump on the top part of his johnson. I fell for it all and so did 8 other girls. Yes there are at least 8. When we went out or at his hotel he would tell us “I was the only one for him.” I believed it cause I thought I was dating him. When his gf called and told me about her and the 8 other girls, I called him. Clayton told me “F off, I dont owe you anything.” I know he’s been worse to his gf. He seems so sweet and is a smooth talker. Dont fall for it. He is dangerous and is hurting many girls and is a sexual danger to all he meets

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