Jackie Paige – Los Angeles, California

this b***h is a junky baghoe strung out on china white aka heroin,fentanyl. She goes around fuking anyone with a sack passing around drds and dgaf. Shes also a cheap floozy does bare s*x with anyone and sets people up to be robbed with her mexican pimp

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  1. she was on soap one lie to live
    thats her head shot from when she was doing movies
    she speaks pretty good spanish and loves hot, spicy food
    we wore each others shoes one day – same size – little

  2. This hottie has never been on One Lie to Live, that pic was sitting on my desk until an angry coworker stole it after I wouldn’t date him. He’s a plastic surgeon, also, and agreed to relocate his practice to Los Angeles to avoid a lawsuit for malpractice and sexual harassment. During the chaos, I never retrieved the picture from him and just moved on. The pic was a before picture doctors take during a consult before any actual surgery is ever scheduled. I’d have been negligent to do any work on someone who has so much natural beauty and refused to let her go under my knife. What’s happened in her life since, I have no idea. The picture disappeared the day after it was taken.

  3. Jackie Paige recently had dental implants and is using her finger in the picture to show off her new teeth. She agreed to me using her photo for advertising in exchange for a reduced orthodontic fee. The exchange has been mutually beneficial. She got what she needed and I’ve had several new clients who say they were made known to me through the ad we placed in our marketing literature. Having only one bicuspid replaced made my job easier. The ability to color match the new tooth with the replacement made Jackie glad she went ahead with the procedure. Everything looks natural.

  4. I don’t know who wrote these lies but you are hereby ordered to have them removed, they’re interfering with my chances for employment. I’m looking to climb the ladder and this is knocking out the next step from under me. Stop it!

  5. Jackie Paige was considered for runway work with Victoria’s Secret. She thought she had woken up to dreams realized. She wanted the work so badly that she had even considered breast implants to help her stand out in the crowd. She changed her mind, fortunately, because after she twisted her ankle she had medical bills to pay. Like most people, she was under insured.

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