Holly Hamblin — Montague, California

This chick likes to kiss other people’s husband .. While her husband is at home.

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  1. Whats wrong with that everybody like a nice kiss.
    Is she slippin in the tongue?
    Only means one thing
    Moaning up ahead
    phonecall to lawyer or two lawyer
    pay to play its good to keep economy rolling
    Unless theres only one house
    That makes problems
    Who gets to be the good housekeeper?
    The judge will let you know
    Now he thinks
    lapdance is cheaper
    and get to keep the house
    or give the house to 2 lawyer
    to sell and split and they
    have enough to go get lapdances together
    and rent another house near the club

  2. All the kisses were friendly and happened among friends and family. And, she never used her tongue. She would do this whether her husband was at home or with her, for the most part. She doesn’t like to kiss and tell, so back off !

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