Helia Javady Saeid Bobash — San Jose, California

Helia Javady, her mother and father, Mina and Mohammad Saeid Bobash, and another accomplice, sister, Sahar Bobash, are all part of a family crime ring that forge and alter deeds, short sell assets and don’t pay laborers for their work. Once they get a signature and vital information like a SSN and date of birth, they start doing damage to your reputation and altering paperwork to steal your property. Helia, her sister, Sahar and sometimes, mother, Mina, will use s*x to bait the trap and get you to sign. They literally have s*x with potential victims, while Mohammad looks the other way, and then they screw them over and rip them off for everything they own, plus tarnish reputations, all for the family. Helia even considering starting a prostitution ring, which would free her up to concentrate on the forgery and narcotics sales. They are a crime syndicate and if they ask you for any personal information regarding Mahroo Homes, report them immediately to immigration, the IRS or the police, have them arrested for fraud and embezzlement, forgery and theft by deception. The authorities need a few more tips before an arrest can be made for tax evasion and hiring illegal immigrants. They’re also being watched for the illegal importing of narcotics, which used to be sold out of a Mahroo Homes office. They have many ways to cheat and steal from hard-working people, please send any information to the police and help put these crooks out of business and into jail where they belong.

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